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We Currently Need More Staff Members in various Projects, if you have a desire and feel Ready to take on the duties of being a Member of the Community team? We give you the opportunity to apply today here:

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Haxor News
  • We're looking for STAFF members including Moderators
  • Journalists
  • Reviewers
  • Melody Tunes
  • GFX Designers & More !
  • Haxor Zone Offers You Original Addons Zombie Nightmare 1.1 + Custom Made Game Panel With The Easiest Control & Modifications
  • Make A DNS Request And Have Your Own Server's Sections In Our Community
  • Don't have Fast Download for your server? Make a support Ticket now and we'll offer you one !
  • HaxorZone News

V.I.P Membership

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    2.49 EUR for first month
    4.99 EUR/month renewal
    12.49 EUR for first year
    24.99 EUR/year renewal
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