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Addons Zombie Nightmare 1.1


Zombie Nightmare 1.1 addons by HaxorZone

The Zombie Nightmare 1.1 is a highly professional developed addons that has alot of features in it and it'll continue growing with more and more cool features in the near future. First let's introduce you to it's features and advanced abilities that were made that you can use and find only here!

Web Server-Managing Game Panel - It's a web panel that the owner of the server have access to and can manage anything in the server. Photos explains better than any words

The ZN 1.1 addons & What's new in it - A big amount of new features that are in-game that are fully customizable and editable settings. Here are some of the new features

1. eFrozen - It's a new zombie class and it's ability is to freeze humans for 6 seconds , it's ability has a delay and it can used it maximum 4 times.
Snark Infector - a new Zombie Extra item that gives the zombie Snarks , What are "Snarks" ? They are the old squeaks from the old legendary game Half-Life, if you have played it , im sure you know what im talking about, the Snarks helps the zombies to infect humans.
Limitless zp_ commands - Well in this addons , they is no limit for the zp_ commands , they can be used infinitly times and no matter what the current round is.
Jetpack Model - A new and more unique Jetpack model has been added to this addons
5. Weapons & Knives skins menu - All players have access to a weapons & skins menu from where they can choose their favorite weapon skin ! -

In-Game V.I.P Features - an advanced V.I.P system that is fully customizable and editable settings for it's default benefits that are provided to the V.I.P players in your server. A gallery of images to see the benefits in-game: Check the Gallery

V.I.P Benefits:


150 HP - on every round.                                               

135 Armor - on every round.                                           

   Multiplied damage by x1.6                                                

   An unique V.I.P model.                                                       

   Shown as VIP in TAB / SCOREBOARD                                

   Everyone in the server is being notified when a VIP joins.

      An unique AWP skin                                                               

     An unique Points system with SHOP system for VIPS         




Respawn - [350 Points]                                                       

Sonic Abilities (Speed & Gravity) - [150 Points]                  

   1000 Health - [200 Points]                                                     

     800 Armor - [130 Points]                                                          

       100 Ammo Packs - [300 Points]                                                

         Painshock - [260 Points]                                                              

                                Golden Weapons ( Deal more damage )                                                              


  •  Skin / Models Manager - The ability to manage all Models and Skins that your Zombie Nightmare mod uses and not only form the mod itself , you can add new models as well ! You can create group of admins & flags to give someone specific player model or a weapon models , or even give it to only 1 player (via Nickname , SteamID or IP) , to make that player even more special !


Ideas for new features / modifications are welcomed by anyone.
People who purchase & use this addons will have a free MySQL Database & Fast Download for their files for each server they own for the 
Web Server-Managing Game Panel  feature.


50% Discount For Christmas - 50Euro ! 1̶0̶0̶ ̶E̶u̶r̶o̶

Limited Time Offer !


Click me for changelogs

Contact @Gabi Papi to buy the addons


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