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  • We're looking for STAFF members including Moderators
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  • Melody Tunes
  • GFX Designers & More !
  • Haxor Zone Offers You Original Addons Zombie Nightmare 1.1 + Custom Made Game Panel With The Easiest Control & Modifications
  • Make A DNS Request And Have Your Own Server's Sections In Our Community
  • Don't have Fast Download for your server? Make a support Ticket now and we'll offer you one !
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Public Servers

Servers marked with the star symbol * are hosted by Haxor Zone


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  2. Counter-Strike: 1.6

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    Servers in this category also considered to be the official Counter-Strike 1.6 servers of the HaxorZone Community. Highlighted & Recommended Servers due to the professionalism of management, our affiliated servers used to be the most played in the world as we're providing the necessary services for them.

    Servers marked with the star symbol * are hosted by Haxor Zone

    You can add your server through the following link Add My Server

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