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Haxor News
  • Haxorzone Community is Currently Looking For Staff Members
  • Haxorzone Offers You Free Original Addons Zombie Nightmare 1.1 + Original Game Panel With The Easiest Control & Modifications
  • Make A DNS Request And Have Your Own Server's Sections In Our Community
  • HaxorZone News
Haxor Zone Community

HaxorZone community is the one and unique community which gives you the real feeling of a gaming experience

Zombie Nightmare 1.1

Customize your Counter Strike 1.6 Server with our recommended Haxorzone Addons , Zombie Nightmare 1.1 this addons has all the plugins and configurations you need. It comes with an incredibly advanced V.I.P System and loads of custom made plugins so that your players can have a truly amazing Zombie Experience.

V.I.P Membership

Customize your account with a special suit consisting of numerous features & benefits and make your own golden existance among the haxors.

Moderators Recruitment

Want to become part of haxorzone staff team and get to be an important user with moderation access & extra special privileges ? 
Haxorzone opens the door for who ever deserves to become one of us.

Discord Server

Join Our Discord Server & Meet Cool People

  1. Haxor Zone Social

    1. Facebook   (82 visits to this link)

    2. GameTracker Clan   (41 visits to this link)

  2. Administrative Zone / Market

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    1. Development

      A category based on the development and maintenance of the community.

    2. Server Market

      Announces the sale or opening of a server.

    3. Offers & Sponsorship

      Share your game server easily and be the the own sponsor of it !

    4. Frequently Asked Questions

      Want to ask something at the community level , Create a topic here.

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    6. Report Center

      Safety before everything , here is the center of reports !

  3. Public Servers

    1. Steam Group   (115 visits to this link)

    2. Counter-Strike: 1.6

      Servers in this category also considered to be the official Counter-Strike 1.6 servers of the HaxorZone Community. Highlighted & Recommended Servers due to the professionalism of management, our affiliated servers used to be the most played in the world as we're providing the necessary services for them.

      Servers marked with the star symbol * are hosted by Haxor Zone

      You can add your server through the following link Add My Server

  4. Addons / V.I.P & Customers Area

    1. HZone Addons | News & Updates

      Here you could find all the updates installed on our different addons besides the panel modifications !

    2. V.I.P Only

      A separated private room made for V.I.P members to enjoy different perks and gift drops

      Click to get V.I.P Now

    3. Customers Only

      A dedicated section mainly made for those who contributed our community through their humble purchases 

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  5. General Category

    1. Social Interaction

      Area for the socialization of members, present yourself here for everyone to meet you.

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  6. Design Zone

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    2. Designers Competitions

      Participate in competitions made by the Designers Team or challenge a user.

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  7. World Of Games

    1. 191
    2. 212
    3. Technology

      Are you in doubt ? Don't be , let us learn from your tutorial

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